Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Time for an UPDATE!

My kitchen and bathroom cabinets hadn't been changed since 1994 ish.

So with some wedding money I spent about 90 bucks on new knobs for the house

and just think it makes for a much more updated or modern look. Im trying to talk

my husband into new countertops... but I think Im loosing.

This was much more of a pain in the butt project than I had planned... the gold rings from the old knobs left bedhind some "marks" that I did my best to remove with product. I also spent a couple trips to the hardware stores to find various lengths of screws that would work.. as the screws that came with the knobs only worked on certain cabinets due to the depth of the wood. But its done.. and I think it looks much better now.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

This is my lil fireplace scene. I quilted the mini
quilt and appliqued the crow and star. Found the
pumpkin at goodwill for 2.50$. Below is just a picture
I took of our backyard one fall day because I thought
the leaves were pretty... fall was so SHORT this year!