Saturday, March 9, 2013

Better late than NEVER

I finished my Valentines cross stitch ( freebie by but I " extended" the pattern and added a date just for fun ( my wedding year minus 100 years) . I had to change the shape so it could fit it to my 50 cent heart box from the thrift store! :) I was up in the craft room digging through some of my grandma's sewing supplies that I inherited when she went to be with The Lord and found the scissors !!!! I didn't even know I had them! I don't know how old they are but they were so neat and old / vintage I just was so thrilled to find them. The Rick rack is from her stash as well .... 19 cents then folks!!!! What I couldn't get " over" was the guarantee on the back of the package!!! WHO makes a guarantee like THAT anymore!?!?!? My grandma sure lived back in the "good ol days"... All her craft stuff is proudly labeled made in the USA! How our country has changed.
Next up some spring decorating and maybe a new cross stitch... It's nice to have a sit down evening project or take in the car project with me and I've found stitching is easy to travel with.
Here's a good story to end with: My last grandparent passed away this month and we drove 6 hours one way in the car with our 1 and 3 yr old to the funeral ONE way..... Well on the way home I decided to give the boys suckers in the car bc they were so WHINEY and my youngest , Micah "painted" the car seat and himself with it... He was a gigantic sticky mess and then managed to spill his milk all over himself and his pants were soaked when we got home. SO the moment we got home Both boys went straight in the tub. Soon there after I notice little poops floating in the bath water......... MICAH!!!! So mom evacuates boys immediately from the tub, and scoops out the poops and in the potty they go.... FLUSH.... Eeerrrr.....aaaaagggghhh the toilet is overflowing!!!!! MEANWHILE I turn around and there is Micah standing over a puddle of pee on my carpet! WWWWHHHHHYYYYYY?????? :) Yeah... I had a alcoholic beverage later that night;) Til next time!!! - Elisha