Wednesday, May 1, 2013

makeover, lamp project, some thank you's and our "boogey"

I am way over due for a THANKYOU to Kendra at The Stone House Primitives for winning her cute giveaway..... The bowl of eggs on top of the scale and the notepad and pencil along with the extras she sent me of some waxed bunnies ( I'm horrified to say my boys broke the "rocker" bunny and I had to mend him together with some heat!). THANKYOU Kendra.... I have really been enjoying them this Spring?!?!?!? ( yeah... Not sure what it is its SNOWING right now!!!)

Also The apothecary is a makeover project.... I WISH I could upload the ugly before picture... Had 90's ducks and bunnies on it. Found it at a antique store and debated for Atleast 10 minutes on buying it because they wanted 20$. Yeah... I'm frugal. one from the store would cost me 50$ or more so I bought it and like how it turned out... Can't really tell in picture but it has a crackle finish to it that Was there and I didn't notice it until I painted it! ( bonus)

I made a tin colonial lamp with stuff I had around the house! A primitive place magazine , Kris did a tutorial on a old spring issue on how to make it And I always loved it but thought it looked like too much work. But I pulled it off ( minus the epoxy glue.... It didn't "set" and nothing would stick so I had to use teensy little screws!) My husband is completely in "awe" of what a freak he married these days! Haha. I'm a crafter and I can't get it out of my blood!

Had to add a picture of our "Boogey"...,we call him this because he's always got Bugars! LOL He's so laid back and care free about it snot...Opposite of our 3 yr old! he has been so fun these days.... Learning new words everyday and just such a happy boy... I totally baby him. He's about 18 months now and I feel like he's more of a little boy because he's so big! Kinda want another but scared that would put me over the edge of my sanity.... Boys are HARD work!!!!!

Also thanks to Pamela at Our Pioneer Homestead for the clock face printable!!!! And tutorial on how to remove the glass on the scale.... It was very vintage and I wanted a "older" look!

Hope spring decides to stick around I have way more projects I need to do!!!! -Elisha