Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bowl rack

I was inspired by Kris at Simply Prim to make my own bowl rack and I did it!!!!! The hardest part was hanging it! It took me months to decide on a secure spot... And I Hate guessing where wall studs are... And those stud finders are a joke!;) But its up ... Hooray!
Funny story... I hung it during the day and was nervous what the hubby would say or think.... So he got home and noticed ( shocker in itself) and told me it was a piece of crap! (GASP!) He just will never understand primitive beauty;) of course he would rather baseball bobble heads were there! Well.... That night our good friend Jo came over to watch the boys so we could have a REAL date and immediately saw my "masterpiece" and announced "that is SOOO cute!!!!" Lol. Husband said she isn't welcome in our home anymore! haha. (He is very sarcastic folks....I promise he's a good guy)
SO this is my FIRST post using the blogger app on my iPhone... Lets see if it works here........