Friday, June 3, 2011

New Projects

Well I think I got a bit of my "Mo Jo" back... bc I have started in on some projects again.... projects that are totally unnecessary and just for FUN.. not the projects that I SHOULD be working on... like weeding and de- wall papering and preparing for baby #2! Oh well... a girl has got to craft!

This is a 20$ GW find that had hearts and scrolls on it... my momma tried to convince me to NOT buy it, but I saw some potential. NO its not DONE yet... but making some good progress. Mad I didnt take a BEFORE pic. I got to play with a jigsaw to make a new cabinet door here... kinda fun but I was SCARED!( I like having 10 fingers)Anyways I got rid of a McNasty 80's heart door and the white stuff is filler for some grooves I wanted covered. My manly carpenter father got rid of the scrolls that made it too "frilly".
Now I need to pick some paint colors for it! (if you cant tell by the pic it IS a drysink on top)

BEFORE pic of GW clock

AFTER pic of GW clock.... however its looking pretty MUSTARDY in this picture... doesnt look like that on my shelf. I do think I wanna change the color of the maroon ... not likin that at all.

Forever ago I printed off the free pattern to make this cutting board.... and after my cupboard project had the guts to scroll cut this! Not the greatest job.. but HEY primitives are MEANT to look old and worn and beat up! :) (I did beat on it for awhile as well however) The fly screen I made from a 3 dollar strainer that already had the handle popped off... it was that old! :) all I had to do was add the knob.
OH! I just felt this baby kick me!

THIS candle box thinger I loved in a magazine.... and Im WAAAY to cheap to pay for most primitives so I MADE ONE!!! whoo hoo..... got the scrool saw out again (still have all my fingers) and made the lil colonial hanging handle and then I CHEATED! ( I got one of those 90's country candle boxes from the GW with a ugly apple cut out on the front for 50 cents) KNOCKED off the apple side and nailed it to my scrolled out wood backing... painted and drilled the hangin hole. (its not distressed yet... but soon will be :)