Friday, June 29, 2012

Hello everyone! I have been gone from blogland for sometime! It sure seems ALOT has changed!!! I noticed manybloggers are going from primitive style to neutral anda much more simplified look.and  Im not sure how I feel about this... I like the look but it makes me sad :(
Also I have entered the world of PINTEREST.... OH.... MY. What incredible ideas for things to do when I have free time again ..someday... ok in the next 18 years! And find some great new recipes too! DID you KNOW that you can flavor just about any food to taste like cake batter?!?!? :) there must be a million cake batter recipes on there! haha... I restrained myself... and just "pinned" ONE!( yet to try it out).
I have been busy with our 2 yr old with attempting some potty training, Ive been getting some work in so that I can keep the title of "employed" (barely), and pulling lots of weeds, I started a small GARDEN... (so exciting to watch it grow daily!!!!! even though only half of it remains because of the little grazing animals around here)  and keeping a eye on Micah, our almost 8 month old.... who is trying to crawl. He kinda sucks at it.... he gets where he wants to go... either scooting or rolling or this frog leap move he does... but really doesnt CRAWL yet :) He will get it down one of these days.... Lord knows I can wait for that!
We have also had a number of EXCITING and EXPENSIVE events here.... a flooded back yard ( who knew we had a sprinkler system valve burst?!?!) , a broken mower (and a jungle yard... yes... it was SO BAD the grass went to SEED) , then we hit a deer and caused some serious damage to our Subaru... which was in the shop for a week! THEN we had a FIRE on our acreage which allowed us to utilize our lovely home town fire department.... yes it got WAY out of control and lets just  PRAISE JESUS it didnt burn the house down ! Makes me SO appreciative of what firefighters do.... just a grass fire.. but how EXHAUSTING and terrifying it was trying to put it out on our own... which obviously we were not able to do.

Onto more uplifting things.....and fun projects....
Made this crow to put in a flower arrangement... but just didnt look quite right so I put him here... he looks like he is ready for FALL.... or maybe just I am :)

This was a fun 2$ project.... found a GW checkerboard with geese and hearts and nonsense on it... painted over it and stenciled a horse and checkerboard and aged it! I love how it turned out... tried to make it look authentic antique as much as possible. Love that I found one online for 150$ . WAY to cheap to pay that! :)

Some fourth of July goodness on my front porch (this was where I was gonna put my crow)
I got this pattern off of a blog called SIMPLY PRIM, a gal named Kris has a tutorial on them... finally got around to making one... sorry picture is so dark. Its a soap holder with  tin cup !( hers looks way cuter)

And I will end this post with some pics of my boys.... Daddy, Micah ( 7 months) and Isaiah (2)

awwww... LOVE them :)
I also made a dough bowl rack .... but dont have it "hung" yet... hopefully will post later. Hope all is well if any one is out there still following me! haha ~ Elisha