Monday, December 20, 2010

My boyz

I just had to share this picture of the loves of my life :)
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My new sign

My dad does construction for work... and with that he comes upon lots of demolition of porches, closets, kitchens and baths. Well I would probably barf if i had an idea of the kinds of things he has hauled to the junk yard.... for ex... old porch posts... cabinets... and knottty pine boards. He just DOESNT think about saving any of it. SO i told him to save pine boards... this one was a closet shelf! but it was nice and big... so I whipped up this sign the other day while my lil boy was napping... hope you can see my lil pine branch painting in the corner???
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Redo bowl

THis is how my ugly halloween bowl redo turned out
..much better than I thought it would! I scratched it up really good and beat on it for awhile... painted it all black and then dry brushed it a cream color... stained it and it actually looks OLD! hooray! :)
I like my honkin jingle bell in there with some real greens...I had to wear ugly Christmas attire to get it for half off! SO i got two:)
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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thrift Finds

Some good will finds I plan to work on this week...I have been on the
major look out for some BOWLS! The one with the star is particle wood made I believe... but the other one is a maple... and im tempted to leave it as it... except it looks too "new"... so I think Im gonna have to beat on it and play around with it until I can get the aged antique bowl look I want! The sign will get repainted and the tote... i might just try to remove all the handpainting iwth acetone....i will post the turn outs!
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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Christmas Crafting

This is what I gave to our Tuesday evening Bible study group as a lil Christmas gifts ... just for fun bc I thought it looked so yummy!
Its peppermint cocoa and I thought it was rather tasty for homemade cocoa ! I was bummed though because I wanted to put it in mason jars and layer the ingredients... but my husband couldnt find mason jar lids at the store when he was in town! (guess they are seasonal??) Maybe Ill have to start saving jelly jars with the lids for next year (FREE !:))
Anyways if you want to try to make these I thought I would share... because getting FREE ideas and recipes is the BEST!
Peppermint Cocoa:
2 cups non fat dry powdered milk
3/4 cup sugar
1/2 cup cocoa powdere (not sweetened)
1/2 cup non dairy creamer
2 dashes salt
4 crushed candy canes (leave a bit chunky so you can see the colors!... theyll melt down)
Then you add about 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup (preference thing) mix to one cup hot water OR milk. Of course ya gotta MIX the peppermint in first :) I thought itd be fun to try with marshmallows or mini morsels as well???? (Half of this recipe filled up a 2 cup mason jar)

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh man! I cant believe how TINY he is in these pics!
I miss those days when he napped all day!!!! BIG TIME... however I quite enjoy sleeping through the night now!

My little boy is 10 months old today!!!!
I can hardly believe it....
he is into EVERYTHING.
Yesterday he got into my house plants 3 times... dirt in his mouth, on the floor, on his hands!
It makes me wonder if a little girl would be like this ??
His favorite book is "Pat the Bunny" and he sits and "reads" it by himself often... staring at each page and turnin to the next... its so cute. He says "Da Da" and "All done!"... but it sounds more like "aaahhh duh!". He loves grahm crackers and gold fishes and banana cereal. His top 2 teeth are pushing on through! He is standing on his own... and every now and then will try to take a step! Oh Lordy help us all! :)

My lil chenille snowmen tucked inside a old graniteware bowl I found on our property in an old chicken coup.
The cupboard was a total SAVE... i bought it for 100$ at a antique store.... but it was in BAD shape... I tried to strip it years ago with NO luck and painted it a country blue (it was going into a americana room in my apt at the time). My brother and father BEGGED me to throw it out... as they got SICK of hauling this monster everytime i moved! (moved 6 times in 7 years! haha) and now I finally painted it Black and repainted the beadboard and aged it all.... the contents on the shelves are not to my liking yet.... but I was just too anxious to put something in there! :)
Had to post this picture to show the HIDEOUS bunny bread box that now is my CHRISTMAS box
Oh and the peg rack and sconces turned out to be really cute redos as well

I have made a quilt for about every season except CHRISTmas for this ladder in my living room... but I found this unfinished flannel folk art one... and it had some red and green in it.... so finished or not... its going up! :) (Ill get to it SOMEDAY! )

xmas box

This has gotta be one of my favorite redo projects EVER.... it was a 2 dollar bread box with the ugliest bunnies painted on it... I just sanded , painted and distressed and stained it.... and now I stuff it full for the seasons.
The Lil gingerbread man was a recipe I tried out with nothing but spices and applesauce and he smells JUST LIKE CHRISTMAS!
I chopped up one of our pine trees for the greenery! I forgot how POKEY those things are! But it was worth it I think.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

New ORGANIZED craft room

Reorganized and a bit cuter :)
I had my late grandma's ironing board... and no place to put it until now! But i think it works well as its long and narrow... works well to put my storage items on. I also added a bulletin board to the wall that I scored at the GW for 3 bucks. The jar caddy was a primitive re do project for me... as they had these ugly blue 80's ducks on them before... so I repainted and distressed and stained them to look more shabby chic/ primitive... they are perfect for storing ribbons in. I think Im much more likely to use this craft room now :)

What a mess!!!!

This is the BEFORE pictures of my TINY TINY lil craft nook in our nursery... its way disorganized bc I hardly have any room for my cricut and stamps and card making supplies.... so I re organized . pics to follow

I'm allergic to grass, but my mom wanted this picture

4 months old! and not so sure if he likes grass yet... its kinda pokey :)
He is such a joy this month... less fussy and more playful and smiley and we
even get the occasional GENUINE laugh:) He is rolling all over and grasping
at all kinds of things. Isaiah really likes his rice cereal (mixed with a bit of nanner for taste)
cuz if mommy think it tastes like crap... she isnt feeding it to her lil man! :) We like flavor dont we baby boy?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Diaper Thankyous

I took some nakes pictures of Isaiahs bum for my thank you notes from the diaper shower my local church had for me.... I was a bit burnt out on writing I sent picture thank you's instead. LOVE the EYEBROWS here :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

happy boy

Now 10 weeks old, baby Isaiah is caught on camera SMILING for once! I tried and tried to get a picture of his smile.. but as soon as I put the camera to my face... he stopped smiling and stared with curiousity at the camera! haha... so here it FINALLY is! the PROOF my baby CAN smile :) He just loves to chat away in the morning with me.. and any new faces to look at he just grins and grins... its so cute:)
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Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Just some spring pictures. I really dont like decorating for it... cuz im not a pastel fan... but I made the bunny quilt years ago and dont have the heart to do away with it... so I used it as a runner on my table.
Had to include my baby boy with his lil lamby here too :)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


The tin sconce was 50 cents! Im gonna paint it black I think... and put a flickering light in it or a grungy candle.

I thought this lil basket was a steal for 50 cents as well... miniture and cute! Its funny how these lil finds can totally make my day! :)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Isaiah's Birthday Story

I had faux contractions for about 3-4 weeks but Feb. 8th they started at 5 am... and kept on trucking.... then died off around 2pm. So I took a little nap on the couch... and woke up to a lovely gush of warm fluid.. my water had broke! After a quick hair fix and a couple changes of clothing (the water kept breaking! haha) Jon came home and we were off to the hospital... with contractions resuming by now and starting to HURT! We arrived to the hospital about 4 pm and some increasingly painful contractions.

I know, I know.. who takes a picture of
someone in PAIN???
They offered me the epidural right when I arrived
at the hospital... but I thought I could hold out.... and
about an hour later I gave in :) They gave me a WONERFUL
epidural and I just kept praising the Lord for modern medicine
the entire time it was in!

After the epidural, I dilated rather progressively.
When I was ready to push... they put my legs in the stirrups and
the babys HR dropped very low... so they got the VAC out
and told me to push as hard as I could... bc baby need to come out soon!
I pushed as hard as I could... and 2.5 pushes later Baby BOY came out!
Apgars were 8 and 9 and he was crying and pink! The cord was
compressed against his shoulder, around his waist and around his
little leg... poor guy! Born at 11:55 pm on Monday, Feb. 8th... 5 minutes
early for his DUE date! haha... the one and only time a Moeller is EARLY
for anything :)
The nurse took Isaiah immediately to the baby warmer after Jon cut the cord... so I was anxious to see him yet. Jon got to watch the nurse dry him off and wrap him up... she then handed over the baby to Jon. Jon was so excited to show him off he took off out of the room to go show him to my mom and sister.... I had to yell at him to STOP and come that I COULD SEE MY BABY!!!! Geesh! He will NEVER live that one down... but it made for a good laugh.
My mom and sister had driven up to the hospital (3 hr trip) as soon as I told them my water had broke... and they arrived just in time to eat their Taco Johns in front of me... while I enjoyed a nice meal of ice chips prior to delivering :)
Here they are after midnight seeing Isaiah for the first time.

Here we are as a family... one week after Isaiah is born.... awww the BLOAT. Good thing our church needed this picture for the pictoral directory this week... when Im looking my best of COURSE! ick! :)

Our little sweetie pie :) Who knew you could fall in love with something so quickly? We are so BLESSED by the Lord for this precious gift, and so grateful to have Isaiah in our family.