Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Fall Ya'll!
 Ive had most of my fall decorations out since the end of August....we hosted a potluck for our Bible study group so I had the motivation to clean and decorate!
Here are a couple redo projects as well....
The sugar bucket was a 3$ flea market find... it was a cookie jar. I sanded off "cookie" and it didnt quite go away... so a prim distressed label was my solution! Holy moley... those REAL antique sugar buckets are PRICEY!!! I saw one for 100$!
To the right is a makeover of a spice rack I found also at a flea was very VINTAGE colored ... almost a orangish stain. So it got beat up... painted and textured and took FOREVER! too many little crannies to paint. But I really like how it turned out... plan to use it in our master bath for little hair things or q tips or something once we get the bathroom refinished.

Below is my center piece.....would you believe the "warty" pumpkin sat out ALL winter long? So when spring came and I found it hadnt rotted... I sat it in the sun to completely dry and painted it! I know... Im a cheap loser! I stuck all these fall goodies in a barnwood trencher I found and made the lil punkin sign.... and YES... I spelled pumpkin wrong on PURPOSE! :)
Here is my window sill... sorry for the glare! I made this sign last fall and the little gourds I grew myself! ( ok... totally by accident as I left some out to rot all winter... and they seeded and now I have a GIGANTIC gourd plant that has taken over my sidewalk!) But I LOVE having free gourds this year! It was a total surprise blessing to me! Oh... and the crock...5$ flea market find! I have decided FLEA MARKETS are MUCH better priced than antique malls by FAR!
I have lots more pics to share... but I need to wait til the sun goes down... way too much glare and color distortion going on here. Hope you are all enjoying cooler weather! I am LOVING it.... now 33 weeks pregnant... I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! AAAWWW.... relief! :) ~ Elisha