Monday, February 7, 2011

more heart stuff...

We have been so BUSY lately with projects and our house is a mess from it! :)
Im SLOWLY working on spackling and priming and painting our bedroom (bad wallpaper so LONG!) and my hubby is now stripping bathroom wallpaper... hooray!
Just had our lil boys FIRST birthday party...(Ill have to post later about that) and had all the granparents up to stay with us for that.
Just wanted to post a few Valentines finds/ projects. Im really not a big heart decorator at all... but looking at evgeryone elses cute vday decor has made me get more into it! :)
This is a table top quilt I made several years ago... I loved all the different pieces of red fabric for each heart... it was fun... wish I had time to quilt ... but not with a one yr old! :)

SO instead I make mini projects.... this is my "winter wreath" with a little quilted heart (from a scrap of quilt i didnt know what to do with... was gonna make a pot holder with it)... and my friend Nicki gave me the little rusty old key hanging right by it.... which you can barely see!

Found this heart wood bowl at the GW... and I stained it and never knew what to put in it. So it got some rosehips and a old primitive scoop in it. The braided jute rug behind it I found at a place called Aunt Pattis Attic and couldnt believe how PERFECT the colors went with my kitchen and living room... so my momma picked me up some more along with 6 coasters in the same colors.... now Im on the hunt for a trivet or two! :) Hope you all have a great week... pray I get some painting done.. im dying to have my bedroom back! We have all our bedroom furniture pushed right up around our bed in the center of our room so I can paint.... its like an adult crib! getting kinda old! ~ Elisha