Friday, March 9, 2012

SPRING! ugly BEFORE and a primtastic AFTER

Some Spring fun has been popping up in our house and only a hand ful of winter decor remains! This momma is busy with a very active 2 yr old and a" rolling" all over the floor 4 months old... he gets so upset when he rolls onto his tummy and then mom has to come roll him back over.. he will figure it out one of these days! :)

This little feller I stitched up ... no pattern... Im just THAT good ! lol..... I think I just got lucky :) Found the rusty safety pin in a stash and thought it was perfect to stick a wing on! :) The little prim box he sits in  was a GW redo project that was a 50 cent ugly wall box.

My basket O' Spring

My bowl ( redo bowl.... had ugly fruit painted on the inside) and a blackend lamb I picked up at a antique mall a couple years ago that I just love! He smells like strong cinnamon... mmm. ( sorry about the flash on this pic)

Another prim birdie I made perched in a antique match holder by my kitchen sink to remind me of spring!
Whats this ugly thing? A vintage "firkin" ice bucket I got for a BUCK at GW.... and turned into the beauty below!!! WHAT a fun redo.... I love the results :) I had to pry a plastic liner out of it... but it was totally worth the struggle :)

Have you got your spring stuff out yet?!??!
~ Elisha