Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another Pinterest project

Just one more post because I was SOOO excited about how EASY this was! I have seen them all over Pinterest but never really took much interest bc I figured I needed special tools to make one. Just ply open your zinc lid with a needle nose to make a hole big enough for the pump to sit, hot glue it well and trim the tubing as needed, attach jar and DONE. I made 2 of these in 10 minutes and LOVE them... Maybe next time I'll spray paint the pump to match better. Had all my jars and lids already so this project was FREE! Love those kind. I must admit I felt pretty awesome after I made these! ;) But as much as I love to create.... Have I really created something? Nah, The Lord God is the creator of all materials... I just get to play with His stuff;)

A little Christmas craft

Just a fun project I made for a display I did at church.... I got the idea from Pinterest to use a recycled light bulb! I then made my own paper mache using TP and some glue and water and covered the bulb, dried him in oven on LOW, sculpted a nose for him and made him a wool hat!
Let's just say I get excited when a bulb burns out around here now! I think these would be great at each place setting for Christmas or as ornaments.
Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a safe one if you are driving! We are headed out to Lincoln to be with my family today;)