Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter pictures 2012

All the Easter babies this year! Micah (5 months, my baby), Caleb ( 4 months, my brother's baby), Isaiah ( 2 years, my boy), Anistyn (9 months, my sisters girl) We joke because she is gonna have to be one tough girl to put up with all these boys!!!! But she is still a lil princess! :) I can't WAIT to ditch all these kids on my parents some day and be like " we are outta here, have FUN! " hahahaaha

Me and hubs. We didnt manage a family " after church" picture... everyone couldnt WAIT to get out of church clothes and the boyz went down for naps right away when we got home.... so BOO. This was taken last minute before we took off to drive back to IA..... after a crazy day of family and all kinds of kids and candy ! :) We did do a small easter egg hunt for Isaiah... but I couldnt get blogger to post. It was fun to see him actually find the eggs this year :) ~ Til next time! ~ Elisha