Sunday, December 11, 2011

Greens, kiddos, and crafts, and a laugh

I am loving the simplicity of just GREENS this year... and I love that all I have to pay for them is the price of going out in the cold and trimming them off our trees! I really love the blue berry spruce.... and Im even watering them to avoid dried needles on my floor! Thats ALOT for this mommy with 2 kids under 2! A funny for you.... so the sign is barnwood... I found it out by the dog pen... he had been chewing on it for awhile... or should I say he "distressed" it for me??? anyways I loved the rustic texture... so I added some NOEL :) what a dork am I?

More greens in our back entry way.. and my homemade star jingle ornament :)

Micah.... no this isnt his first bath... ( Im not THAT bad of a mom!) ... however now 5 weeks old... I realized I never took a baby bath picture of him! AND BONUS... got a bit of a baby grin! We are REALLY enjoying some smiles from him these days... makes a mommy's heart melt.

Isaiah holding Micah... and the darn cat stole the spotlight... its about impossible to get a decent picture around here without a distraction.

WAIT... whats THIS?? a semi decent picture? WITH MOM?? that is so rare!! :) Notice the blue bracelet Im wearing?( This is what lack of sleep resorts to for this mom)..... I must wear it to remind me of what breast I last nursed on so I can feed my child! ha! It says LEFT... and RIGHT on it.... I just flip it over... when I can remember to do that! If I forget this complex step... I am totally in trouble... because then I must THINK and try to REMEMBER. If all else fails... its the boobie test... the largest one wins the baby! LOL.... TMI? I believe all my readers are women?? Sorry if thats too much... but something we moms find hilarious these days amongst the diapers and spit up :)

My saturday night craft! Ok... he is missing his soon to be "stick arms"... but I had so much fun sewing his little hat and scarf up and jingle buttons. I even BAKED his nose :) I love him.... I think I need to make another to put on my prim bench outside with some more GREENS :) And maybe another " dog distressed" sign to sit by him to say "let it snow" ?