Monday, July 8, 2013

Bathroom makeover FINALLY done!

Bad 90's wallpaper is GONE! ( see 2 posts ago) Took me a month or more but I finally finished a bathroom make over!
Lovely what a 23$ can of paint can do, huh???? So much work getting that paper off and the nasty thick coat of glue underneath! Ugh. With the boys keeping me busy and trying to do a garden this year it was a SLOW process but well worth it. I didn't even buy anything really besides the paint... Just did some rearranging  and probably will do a bit more ;) SIGH of relief. 

A flea market find!

For the weekend we went to Lake Okoboji for some family time on the DH side and had a lovely time with a Boat ride and some good food and just catching up... And BONUS they always have a huge outdoor flea market that time of year around the 4th. I only got a hour to "scan" millions of awesome antiques and vintage treasures and awesome barntiques but I did stumble upon this huge bowl. Atleast I haven't seen too many big ones in Iowa. She had the nicely cleaned up and polished gourds for 20$ and the bowl was marked 75$. I don't know much about pricing these things but usually I see the big ones for 100 to 150... Sometimes 200$. (granted there IS a small crack in the side). I asked her  if she'd throw the gourds in for free if I paid full price... End of the day and most booths were packing up ....I think that's why she caved! So I THINK I got a decent deal... Anyone know much about it? 
I did oil it and it made a wonderful dark tone come through ... It's got a wide rimmed edge and love the chopping marks in the bottom! I'm thinking throw some bittersweet around those gourds and I'm set for a fall centerpiece! Now if I can just convince the boys to not play with the gourds, yeah right!