Sunday, April 7, 2013

Cleaning pays off prim style

A quick post about my weekend here:
Saturday :
I did 3 loads of laundry, disassembled and reassembled and moved our honkin crib to Micah's room, Isaiah now forced to be in big boy bed. He says he wants to be a baby still.... well THAT explains why we cant get him out of diapers! (ugh!) rearranged and vacuumed his room after that, vacuumed upstairs and down, sandbox put up outside w Jon doing most of that work, however we need a whole TON more sand ! ;) Our dogs showed up after being gone for a week!( I secretly wished they found new owners.).. They destroy everything and scare my youngest. ( I moved all Micah's clothes and re organized them to upstairs dresser freeing my prim hutch up for LOTs of storage space ! I cleaned entire laundry room and rearranged all the CRAP in the underneath compartments so I can slide my laundry baskets onto shelves below ; clearing up my counters totally which I LOVE. ( My husband is a chemical / cleaner hoarder! It is ridiculous how many spray bottles of every product on the market i found! ) I scrubbed my kitchen sink and cleaned some windows with little finger marks all over them. Made crunchy baked fish tacos for supper and Bathe both boys and put them to bed by myself ( trust me that is WORK!) and made from scratch ginger carrot cake w toasted pecan breakfast cookies for the morning car ride to church. ( they took forever bc i had to grate ginger and carrots and toast my pecans) but sooooo healthy and boys dont know it....and what a time saver Sunday mornings!
church, nap, and I " decorated " my clean laundry counters! MAYBE laundry will be more fun!?!?! WELL Atleast maybe a bit more cute! The washboards were GIVEN to me from a lady at church. I did a thing on decorating Christmas "Ideas " after our womens Bible study in Nov and mentioned my love for antiques and she drove home and brought these awesome washboards back for me!! And some other awesome stuff too! I was THRILLED that day. So I cleaned them up and oiled them and here they are! love them! Before I had no room on the counters because I kept all the laundry baskets there... Well I wanted to make room for them to slide out from under the counter ( hence why the re organizing) and I DID IT. Awwww... How nice to keep them there! Thinking I need some burlap curtains now to cover the open shelves.Of course now the Husband will drop in and wonder why his "skivvies" got replace with "cuteness" but He will live.... Besides I do the laundry... I pick the decor! Haha. So am I a total nut case???
( BTW the little tiny child's iron we found while digging on our property!!! It's all rusty and cruddy but I couldn't toss it!!!)