Monday, February 8, 2010

Isaiah's Birthday Story

I had faux contractions for about 3-4 weeks but Feb. 8th they started at 5 am... and kept on trucking.... then died off around 2pm. So I took a little nap on the couch... and woke up to a lovely gush of warm fluid.. my water had broke! After a quick hair fix and a couple changes of clothing (the water kept breaking! haha) Jon came home and we were off to the hospital... with contractions resuming by now and starting to HURT! We arrived to the hospital about 4 pm and some increasingly painful contractions.

I know, I know.. who takes a picture of
someone in PAIN???
They offered me the epidural right when I arrived
at the hospital... but I thought I could hold out.... and
about an hour later I gave in :) They gave me a WONERFUL
epidural and I just kept praising the Lord for modern medicine
the entire time it was in!

After the epidural, I dilated rather progressively.
When I was ready to push... they put my legs in the stirrups and
the babys HR dropped very low... so they got the VAC out
and told me to push as hard as I could... bc baby need to come out soon!
I pushed as hard as I could... and 2.5 pushes later Baby BOY came out!
Apgars were 8 and 9 and he was crying and pink! The cord was
compressed against his shoulder, around his waist and around his
little leg... poor guy! Born at 11:55 pm on Monday, Feb. 8th... 5 minutes
early for his DUE date! haha... the one and only time a Moeller is EARLY
for anything :)
The nurse took Isaiah immediately to the baby warmer after Jon cut the cord... so I was anxious to see him yet. Jon got to watch the nurse dry him off and wrap him up... she then handed over the baby to Jon. Jon was so excited to show him off he took off out of the room to go show him to my mom and sister.... I had to yell at him to STOP and come that I COULD SEE MY BABY!!!! Geesh! He will NEVER live that one down... but it made for a good laugh.
My mom and sister had driven up to the hospital (3 hr trip) as soon as I told them my water had broke... and they arrived just in time to eat their Taco Johns in front of me... while I enjoyed a nice meal of ice chips prior to delivering :)
Here they are after midnight seeing Isaiah for the first time.

Here we are as a family... one week after Isaiah is born.... awww the BLOAT. Good thing our church needed this picture for the pictoral directory this week... when Im looking my best of COURSE! ick! :)

Our little sweetie pie :) Who knew you could fall in love with something so quickly? We are so BLESSED by the Lord for this precious gift, and so grateful to have Isaiah in our family.