Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The scariest ultrasound ever!

This is the newest member of our family. He/ She is about 13 weeks old now in my tummy and already giving us quite the scare. We like to call him/ her "Skeletar" ! Usually ultrasound pics are hard to read but I dont think you can miss this child staring you straight in the face here :) What is even funnier is that baby is DUE Oct 29th.... very close to halloween! SCARY stuff! haha.... lets pray she/ he is much cuter by the time he/ she arrives ok?
I have been blog absent for quite some time... having some major hormonal "blues". During my first trimesters I loose all energy and excitement for ANYTHING.... its like Im living in the pits of despair... even though I have EVERYTHING to be thankful for. HORMONES... they are so fun arnt they?
Praying these blues go away soon .... maybe if the sun showed its face it would help ?!?!?! :) SPRING where are you? Hope everyone is well who reads this! Maybe I will get some spring decorating pictures up soon.
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Baby GQ

Here is the lil munchkin in his handmade robe that my husbands' cousin made for him. I think its darling... he looks like such a lil man in it now that he is finally big enough to wear it! :)
He is 14 months and TROUBLE. This morning I already sweeped up half a container of quaker oats he sprinkled all over the floor!
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