Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Newer Cupboard in my living room!

So I was gonna post this picture before baby Micah was born, but didnt get to it. I just wanted to share my new cupboard!!!! So yes... Im decorating it all up for CHRISTmas now... but just wanted to share this momma's attempt to disguise some ugly primary colored kids toys whiole maintaining the integrity of my living room :) It works well so far, Isaiah knows how to get in and out of it and the top hutch portion works great for crayons and markers, and things I dont want him getting by himself. Also, I  just converted the right upper side to Micah"s clothing storage since we are keeping him on the main level while this momma is nursing so often! WOW... thats alot of junk to hide away huh? I love it!

Just a couple more pics

Baby Micah, days old

Baby Micah 1 week old
Baby Isaiah, newborn, do they look alike??? Hmmm, we cant decide! :)


Well I have been a busy momma of 2 boys lately! Baby #2 went a whole week overdue, resulting in a low amniotic fluid level, which landing me in the hospital for monitoring and an induction the following am :) I was hoping to avoid the induction but it barely took any pitocin to get things moving and at 11:11am on 11/4/11 Micah Jonathan was born at 8# 14oz! I told my husband I definately deserve a PUSH gift for these big boys I deliver... he said only if they are over 9#!!! I said... he was only short a pee and a poo of that!!! :) He definately is a BIG boy.... much hairier and chunkier than Isaiah was ... he already has a hot dog roll on the back of his neck and a dbl chin!!! Good ol breastmilk.... hopefully it will remove my "rolls" as easy as it put them on Micah! haha. He is a good baby...likes to be held alot... and Isaiah LOVES HIM. Every morning he kisses and hugs him and over and over says "hi baby!!!!!" We praise the Lord for another healthy child... He has been so good to us with this blessing!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving / NEED for prayer

I am posting this quite heartbroken as I have just recieved news that my sweet christian friend, Lei,  just came out of surgery and they have found pancreatic cancer... and were unable to do anything about it. Lei is a sweet godly woman devoted to the service of the Lord and to others... and I have been blessed with her friendship through womens Bible studies and fellowship.
Please pray for Lei and her family.... and let this be a reminder to us of how precious life is and how we spend every moment, not only how we spend it.... but that we can be thankful to our LORD for his EVERLASTING kindness and grace and offer of salvation to those who believe, repent and trust in Him. I feel as though my eyes have been opened to what God has given me..... a wonderful husband, two precious babies and a wonderful church home to mention a few. I cant help but feel like it should be ME, not her that has to struggle with this news/ diagnosis....as often I have found myself ungrateful and complaining about my circumstances, and my minor frustrations in this life.Least I say.... I am totally HUMBLED and ashamed. God truly has showered me with grace and patience.....not only with His gift of LIFE to me through  the death of His Son, Jesus Christ, but his everlasting kindness and forgiveness that I am unworthy of.
Please pray for Lei... and be EVER thankful this thanksgiving for the Lords many blessings to us.