Thursday, May 2, 2013

4 bucks well spent at the thrift store... I think!

I went to the thrift store today to drop off a box of junk and decided to peek in for any treasures. I took a dangerous risk and plunged into 3 huge Tupperware tubs of thrift store small kitchen items was SOOO gross. Spatulas with food caked on them, measuring cups with debris, rusty knives and pokey kitchen forks. One can only imagine. I was LOOKING for 2 tiny tin tart pans for this very prim light project I'm making and hoped to find some In there. NO LUCK.... But I found this tiny cute little sifter that was 50 cents and I just couldn't think of a use for it but couldn't pass him up... He works well , but he's so small how could you sift that much with him?! I couldn't pass up the tiny spoons either ... Thought I could use them in my creamer / sugar coffee set or something for dirt cheap. The flowers were in a modern container but I'm so glad they work well in my front door basket! Thought they looked so real for 2$. I dumped on the hand sanitizer following my "hunt" . :) Guess Ill keep searching for those tart tins.