Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Need advice prim friends!

Do i buy this?! Its second hand and 100$ .....I see prim potential but keep second guessing myself! It's a dry sink and pine. Should I go for it or hold out? Was thinking could also make nice potters bench on our porch and could decorate up for seasons.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Christmas Decorating!

It sure would be nice to have a decent camera;) these are taken on my iPhone but better than nothin;)
(Wanted to point out my 4$ butter mold at the end... Yes it was in pieces when I bought it... But I can afford that kind! )
Isaiah is 2 1/2 now and really excited for Christmas and that makes it more fun for everyone! He just loves to sit under the Christmas tree and stare up at it with Lucy our cat. Micah has now undecorated the bottom half of the tree... Oh thank heavens for boys right? ;)

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Another Pinterest project

Just one more post because I was SOOO excited about how EASY this was! I have seen them all over Pinterest but never really took much interest bc I figured I needed special tools to make one. Just ply open your zinc lid with a needle nose to make a hole big enough for the pump to sit, hot glue it well and trim the tubing as needed, attach jar and DONE. I made 2 of these in 10 minutes and LOVE them... Maybe next time I'll spray paint the pump to match better. Had all my jars and lids already so this project was FREE! Love those kind. I must admit I felt pretty awesome after I made these! ;) But as much as I love to create.... Have I really created something? Nah, The Lord God is the creator of all materials... I just get to play with His stuff;)

A little Christmas craft

Just a fun project I made for a display I did at church.... I got the idea from Pinterest to use a recycled light bulb! I then made my own paper mache using TP and some glue and water and covered the bulb, dried him in oven on LOW, sculpted a nose for him and made him a wool hat!
Let's just say I get excited when a bulb burns out around here now! I think these would be great at each place setting for Christmas or as ornaments.
Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving and a safe one if you are driving! We are headed out to Lincoln to be with my family today;)

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Fall stuff

Some pictures of the boys. Micah is now walking really well and they both love to be outside... Even when it's chilly and windy like today! ( I'm avoiding it however... Yuck!)

The dog keeps getting ahold of our pumpkins and gourds and chewing them up.....they are in pretty bad shape as you can see! Yuck. I feel like I can't have anything nice between the boys and the dog!!!!

Upcycled the chalkboard from a old "cutesy" country sign I almost gave to the GW.... And made the pumpkin board with a old pine shelf my Dad salvaged for me.... I even kept all my fingers in the process;) I love that jigsaw! It scares me but gosh I love being able to make my own things! My father in law doesn't know it , but it's the best "gift" I've had in awhile! And I don't think it's even "ours" I think he just left it here for us to use since they live in GA.

Isaiah is OCD with Thomas the train these days...So I'm painting a cardboard box to resemble Thomas for Halloween. In the pic he just has a primer coat... But Isaiah wants to wear him anyways;) he's even got a train whistle built in!

I'm off to Lincoln for a class for work tomorrow and HOPEFULLY a girls night out! IM desperate for a break! Then Micah's 1 yr bday is approaching and my mom's having surgery... And then it's all down hill from there with the holidays! EEK! Better get going.......

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Just some fall sunshine

Just some fall in my window sill

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Bowl rack

I was inspired by Kris at Simply Prim to make my own bowl rack and I did it!!!!! The hardest part was hanging it! It took me months to decide on a secure spot... And I Hate guessing where wall studs are... And those stud finders are a joke!;) But its up ... Hooray!
Funny story... I hung it during the day and was nervous what the hubby would say or think.... So he got home and noticed ( shocker in itself) and told me it was a piece of crap! (GASP!) He just will never understand primitive beauty;) of course he would rather baseball bobble heads were there! Well.... That night our good friend Jo came over to watch the boys so we could have a REAL date and immediately saw my "masterpiece" and announced "that is SOOO cute!!!!" Lol. Husband said she isn't welcome in our home anymore! haha. (He is very sarcastic folks....I promise he's a good guy)
SO this is my FIRST post using the blogger app on my iPhone... Lets see if it works here........

Friday, June 29, 2012

Hello everyone! I have been gone from blogland for sometime! It sure seems ALOT has changed!!! I noticed manybloggers are going from primitive style to neutral anda much more simplified look.and  Im not sure how I feel about this... I like the look but it makes me sad :(
Also I have entered the world of PINTEREST.... OH.... MY. What incredible ideas for things to do when I have free time again ..someday... ok in the next 18 years! And find some great new recipes too! DID you KNOW that you can flavor just about any food to taste like cake batter?!?!? :) there must be a million cake batter recipes on there! haha... I restrained myself... and just "pinned" ONE!( yet to try it out).
I have been busy with our 2 yr old with attempting some potty training, Ive been getting some work in so that I can keep the title of "employed" (barely), and pulling lots of weeds, I started a small GARDEN... (so exciting to watch it grow daily!!!!! even though only half of it remains because of the little grazing animals around here)  and keeping a eye on Micah, our almost 8 month old.... who is trying to crawl. He kinda sucks at it.... he gets where he wants to go... either scooting or rolling or this frog leap move he does... but really doesnt CRAWL yet :) He will get it down one of these days.... Lord knows I can wait for that!
We have also had a number of EXCITING and EXPENSIVE events here.... a flooded back yard ( who knew we had a sprinkler system valve burst?!?!) , a broken mower (and a jungle yard... yes... it was SO BAD the grass went to SEED) , then we hit a deer and caused some serious damage to our Subaru... which was in the shop for a week! THEN we had a FIRE on our acreage which allowed us to utilize our lovely home town fire department.... yes it got WAY out of control and lets just  PRAISE JESUS it didnt burn the house down ! Makes me SO appreciative of what firefighters do.... just a grass fire.. but how EXHAUSTING and terrifying it was trying to put it out on our own... which obviously we were not able to do.

Onto more uplifting things.....and fun projects....
Made this crow to put in a flower arrangement... but just didnt look quite right so I put him here... he looks like he is ready for FALL.... or maybe just I am :)

This was a fun 2$ project.... found a GW checkerboard with geese and hearts and nonsense on it... painted over it and stenciled a horse and checkerboard and aged it! I love how it turned out... tried to make it look authentic antique as much as possible. Love that I found one online for 150$ . WAY to cheap to pay that! :)

Some fourth of July goodness on my front porch (this was where I was gonna put my crow)
I got this pattern off of a blog called SIMPLY PRIM, a gal named Kris has a tutorial on them... finally got around to making one... sorry picture is so dark. Its a soap holder with  tin cup !( hers looks way cuter)

And I will end this post with some pics of my boys.... Daddy, Micah ( 7 months) and Isaiah (2)

awwww... LOVE them :)
I also made a dough bowl rack .... but dont have it "hung" yet... hopefully will post later. Hope all is well if any one is out there still following me! haha ~ Elisha

Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter pictures 2012

All the Easter babies this year! Micah (5 months, my baby), Caleb ( 4 months, my brother's baby), Isaiah ( 2 years, my boy), Anistyn (9 months, my sisters girl) We joke because she is gonna have to be one tough girl to put up with all these boys!!!! But she is still a lil princess! :) I can't WAIT to ditch all these kids on my parents some day and be like " we are outta here, have FUN! " hahahaaha

Me and hubs. We didnt manage a family " after church" picture... everyone couldnt WAIT to get out of church clothes and the boyz went down for naps right away when we got home.... so BOO. This was taken last minute before we took off to drive back to IA..... after a crazy day of family and all kinds of kids and candy ! :) We did do a small easter egg hunt for Isaiah... but I couldnt get blogger to post. It was fun to see him actually find the eggs this year :) ~ Til next time! ~ Elisha

Friday, March 9, 2012

SPRING! ugly BEFORE and a primtastic AFTER

Some Spring fun has been popping up in our house and only a hand ful of winter decor remains! This momma is busy with a very active 2 yr old and a" rolling" all over the floor 4 months old... he gets so upset when he rolls onto his tummy and then mom has to come roll him back over.. he will figure it out one of these days! :)

This little feller I stitched up ... no pattern... Im just THAT good ! lol..... I think I just got lucky :) Found the rusty safety pin in a stash and thought it was perfect to stick a wing on! :) The little prim box he sits in  was a GW redo project that was a 50 cent ugly wall box.

My basket O' Spring

My bowl ( redo bowl.... had ugly fruit painted on the inside) and a blackend lamb I picked up at a antique mall a couple years ago that I just love! He smells like strong cinnamon... mmm. ( sorry about the flash on this pic)

Another prim birdie I made perched in a antique match holder by my kitchen sink to remind me of spring!
Whats this ugly thing? A vintage "firkin" ice bucket I got for a BUCK at GW.... and turned into the beauty below!!! WHAT a fun redo.... I love the results :) I had to pry a plastic liner out of it... but it was totally worth the struggle :)

Have you got your spring stuff out yet?!??!
~ Elisha

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So this is my attempt at a "fake" punch needle. Its all french knots.... I have seen the most beautiful punch needles in frames for around 80 to 100$... but I didnt want to pay that much for one... nor invest in all the supplies to make one..so I just did what I knew! :) So a thousand french knots later and a "made up" pattern and make over thrift store frame... and wa- lah! ( Im thinking the bird needs a "eye" however now that I look at it) This was a fun little craft to do while watching TV with hubby... I just feel like TV is such a waste of time so I have to multi task :)

SPEAKING of TV.... this is our new TV stand/ cabinet! My dad made it for me and I LOVE IT. I just had to give it a good beating (which I really had a hard time doing bc he did such a NICE job on it!) but I really wanted an "old" look to it. Painted in black, then barn red, then stained and sanded to look distressed! IF you could have ONLY seen what a jungle of cords and mess our TV area was BEFORE... it was awful! This is just so nice and organized now. Isaiah is a bit disappointed bc this was his hideout until I put the shelves back in :)

Here's the Isaiah man! He turns 2 this Feburary 8th... but all the grandparents were up staying with us... so we had a "fake" birthday party ahead of time.

Here is the 3D truck cake I made him...I have never done this before!!! It was kinda tricky... but I was thrilled when Isaiah looked at it and said "vroom vroom, beep beep".... so it MUST have somewhat LOOKED like a truck !!! :) He liked it so much that he freaked out when we tried to cut it! He did lick at some wheels though :) (yeah... we ate it after he went to bed )

A cute little sign his "Ba ba" made him... Mom's favorite gift for him ! ha! Amongst the basketball hoop, books, poddy seat, mini bike, cars, and on and on....what a spoiled boy!

Look at all these handsome men! Gpa's and Daddy here.

Oh Micah... you made this post as well. 2 1/2 months now and a BIG BOY!! wearing 6 month old clothes and almost a bit too chunky for the bumbo that we dusted off from storage this week :) He gives us all kinds of smiles and blows us bubbles now. Still a bit cranky/ colicky in the evening ... but getting better. We are still considering keeping him ;)
Until next time!, Elisha