Friday, July 15, 2011

Cupboard Make over & the Munchkin

Remember my eariler post on this cupboard? It was unpainted and spackled? Well before that it was all kinds of hearts and scrolls and 80's country (but I still am mad at myself for not getting THAT pic of it). Anyways... here it is all redone up! The pic makes it look a bit more maroon than it really is.. but you get the idea. Isaiah will demonstrate my makeover :) ( Its so cute bc he tries to hide on the bottom shelf from me... but doesnt quite fit. I believe I will use this cupboard to hide some toys of his in a basket or something.
Yes... he already knows how to open it!
Some of my goodies on top... mostly from flea market and garage sales...
Wait a minute... hes only 17 months... how did he get to counter level???
LIL STINKER!!!! he is SO smart he blows me away every day with SOMETHING! (sorry... i tried and TRIED to get this pic rotated and I just couldnt get it done.. turn that neck a bit )
Welp... thats all! Now my next project is wiping wallpaper glue OFF our master bath wall in preparation to PAINT! I MUST get this bathroom done before baby #2!  ~ Elisha