Monday, February 8, 2010

Isaiah's Birthday Story

I had faux contractions for about 3-4 weeks but Feb. 8th they started at 5 am... and kept on trucking.... then died off around 2pm. So I took a little nap on the couch... and woke up to a lovely gush of warm fluid.. my water had broke! After a quick hair fix and a couple changes of clothing (the water kept breaking! haha) Jon came home and we were off to the hospital... with contractions resuming by now and starting to HURT! We arrived to the hospital about 4 pm and some increasingly painful contractions.

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cheryl said...

Lishie...I LOVE this story!! And I LOVE the pictures!!! You looked so beautiful..pain and all! {sort of made me miss the olden days!!} You have been blessed indeed! Isaiah is a beautiful baby boy and he will bring you so much joy!! Praying already for his salvation!!! Thanks for posting. I've got a little package almost ready to mail! Now, won't THAT be fun? ; )