Sunday, July 18, 2010

New ORGANIZED craft room

Reorganized and a bit cuter :)
I had my late grandma's ironing board... and no place to put it until now! But i think it works well as its long and narrow... works well to put my storage items on. I also added a bulletin board to the wall that I scored at the GW for 3 bucks. The jar caddy was a primitive re do project for me... as they had these ugly blue 80's ducks on them before... so I repainted and distressed and stained them to look more shabby chic/ primitive... they are perfect for storing ribbons in. I think Im much more likely to use this craft room now :)

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cheryl said...

Oh man...I just uncovered an ironing board like this one in Mom's basement yesterday. Guess I'd better go get it. But WHERE to put it??

Someday, I'd LOVE a large laundry room...someday.

Cute room RE-do! Good girl!