Wednesday, December 8, 2010

My little boy is 10 months old today!!!!
I can hardly believe it....
he is into EVERYTHING.
Yesterday he got into my house plants 3 times... dirt in his mouth, on the floor, on his hands!
It makes me wonder if a little girl would be like this ??
His favorite book is "Pat the Bunny" and he sits and "reads" it by himself often... staring at each page and turnin to the next... its so cute. He says "Da Da" and "All done!"... but it sounds more like "aaahhh duh!". He loves grahm crackers and gold fishes and banana cereal. His top 2 teeth are pushing on through! He is standing on his own... and every now and then will try to take a step! Oh Lordy help us all! :)

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