Thursday, September 8, 2011

Happy Fall Ya'll!
 Ive had most of my fall decorations out since the end of August....we hosted a potluck for our Bible study group so I had the motivation to clean and decorate!
Here are a couple redo projects as well....
The sugar bucket was a 3$ flea market find... it was a cookie jar. I sanded off "cookie" and it didnt quite go away... so a prim distressed label was my solution! Holy moley... those REAL antique sugar buckets are PRICEY!!! I saw one for 100$!
To the right is a makeover of a spice rack I found also at a flea was very VINTAGE colored ... almost a orangish stain. So it got beat up... painted and textured and took FOREVER! too many little crannies to paint. But I really like how it turned out... plan to use it in our master bath for little hair things or q tips or something once we get the bathroom refinished.

Below is my center piece.....would you believe the "warty" pumpkin sat out ALL winter long? So when spring came and I found it hadnt rotted... I sat it in the sun to completely dry and painted it! I know... Im a cheap loser! I stuck all these fall goodies in a barnwood trencher I found and made the lil punkin sign.... and YES... I spelled pumpkin wrong on PURPOSE! :)
Here is my window sill... sorry for the glare! I made this sign last fall and the little gourds I grew myself! ( ok... totally by accident as I left some out to rot all winter... and they seeded and now I have a GIGANTIC gourd plant that has taken over my sidewalk!) But I LOVE having free gourds this year! It was a total surprise blessing to me! Oh... and the crock...5$ flea market find! I have decided FLEA MARKETS are MUCH better priced than antique malls by FAR!
I have lots more pics to share... but I need to wait til the sun goes down... way too much glare and color distortion going on here. Hope you are all enjoying cooler weather! I am LOVING it.... now 33 weeks pregnant... I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER! AAAWWW.... relief! :) ~ Elisha


Sallinger said...

Get outta here, you are amazing with all the crafting. So cute!

basketsnprims said...

Hi ~ I just found your blog & I love your picures. We have gourds growing like crazy this year, I can't wait to harvest them & decorate my window boxes. Looking forward to seeing more of your gorgeous fall decorating.

Simply Iowa said...

Hey Girl!
Thanks for stoppin' by my Crazy Rabbit Hole!
Love your Warty! I left my found...
It around here....that way...Oh dear!
Love to Ya!
Barb C.

Roberta said...

Your spice rack turned out really great. Love the color. You're right about the old firkins being pricy. I have a repro one I bought years ago that I still love. It wasn't as good a deal as yours, though. You are very talented and have a good eye! ~Roberta

My Colonial Home said...

Morning Elisha...I just enjoy your blog so much!
You always have a way of saying things that make you want to continue reading.

Your Fall decor is wonderful - you know just how to put the right touches.

I did my decorating this past weekend - so happy to get rid of all that soft colored stuff!

We go to flea markets more than we do antique shops - that's where we have found most of our treasures and for little $'s