Wednesday, January 25, 2012

So this is my attempt at a "fake" punch needle. Its all french knots.... I have seen the most beautiful punch needles in frames for around 80 to 100$... but I didnt want to pay that much for one... nor invest in all the supplies to make I just did what I knew! :) So a thousand french knots later and a "made up" pattern and make over thrift store frame... and wa- lah! ( Im thinking the bird needs a "eye" however now that I look at it) This was a fun little craft to do while watching TV with hubby... I just feel like TV is such a waste of time so I have to multi task :)

SPEAKING of TV.... this is our new TV stand/ cabinet! My dad made it for me and I LOVE IT. I just had to give it a good beating (which I really had a hard time doing bc he did such a NICE job on it!) but I really wanted an "old" look to it. Painted in black, then barn red, then stained and sanded to look distressed! IF you could have ONLY seen what a jungle of cords and mess our TV area was BEFORE... it was awful! This is just so nice and organized now. Isaiah is a bit disappointed bc this was his hideout until I put the shelves back in :)

Here's the Isaiah man! He turns 2 this Feburary 8th... but all the grandparents were up staying with us... so we had a "fake" birthday party ahead of time.

Here is the 3D truck cake I made him...I have never done this before!!! It was kinda tricky... but I was thrilled when Isaiah looked at it and said "vroom vroom, beep beep".... so it MUST have somewhat LOOKED like a truck !!! :) He liked it so much that he freaked out when we tried to cut it! He did lick at some wheels though :) (yeah... we ate it after he went to bed )

A cute little sign his "Ba ba" made him... Mom's favorite gift for him ! ha! Amongst the basketball hoop, books, poddy seat, mini bike, cars, and on and on....what a spoiled boy!

Look at all these handsome men! Gpa's and Daddy here.

Oh Micah... you made this post as well. 2 1/2 months now and a BIG BOY!! wearing 6 month old clothes and almost a bit too chunky for the bumbo that we dusted off from storage this week :) He gives us all kinds of smiles and blows us bubbles now. Still a bit cranky/ colicky in the evening ... but getting better. We are still considering keeping him ;)
Until next time!, Elisha


Robin at The Primitive Hutch said...

Wonderful job on your "fake" punch needle ~ punch needle is one of the things on my to learn list. I've tried it once and got frustrated. Now I have to remember where that darn tool is!!!
You make cakes too? Such a talented/creative person you are!!! Wonderful job on that too ~ like the little cow in the back. Such cute little ones you have and such fond memories to share.
Prim Blessings

Gettysburg Homestead said...

What a cute cake!!! I once made a fire truck cake for my ex husbands bday.


Ronda said...

WHat a sweetheart that Micah..and I love the cake you made for Isaiah..such beautiful boys. Your fake punch needle is awesome!...I just bought some old threads the other day to do up some french knots..the old candlewicking...thanks a bunch for visiting my blog.