Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentines tree, winnings and a "steal"

Well It's been nuts here at our house... We've been hosting friends and family and potty training and now suffering through some flu! I'm so wiped out. Ready for spring and some sun shine! But it keeps just getting COLDER! Haha. Oh well... I have something to do in the evenings after the babies go to bed because Valerie from The Wooden Acorn@blogger had a wonderful giveaway on her blog and I won some patterns from her etsy shop! I was ecstatic ... Still am! Haha! I just finished one and have started in on another as you can see below! THANKYOU so much Valerie! ( patterns all by "With thyNeedle & Thread" design by Brenda Gervais.)
I just wanted to show you a glimpse of the butter churn I found for 28$!!! I couldn't turn it down! I Can't even find regular crocks for that price hardly.... So I grabbed it. The lid has a crack.... But I don't really care... Maybe I can keep my eye out for another one to replace it eventually... But for now its glued and works! My youngest boy however likes to play with it so it may soon see another crack;)
Isaiah helped me decorate a small Christmas tree for Vday .... He was all excited. Now that he is older ( will turn 3 on Feb 8th!) holidays are so much more fun as they get so excited for the little things;) However we are having some NOT so fun times trying to get him to put #2 in the potty!!!! This momma is doing LOTS of laundry these days and using LOTS of bleach. Kudos to moms that do cloth diapers.... I could have never handled that!!!!!
keep warm! - Elisha


A Primitive Homestead said...

I remember those days of potty time. Each of my four were early learners.So thankful they were. You nabbed a great deal on the butter churn crack or not. Congrats! Just wondering if you claimed the cabinet in your last post as your treasure? You stitch beautifully. I keep saying I will give it a try some day. I have supplies & patterns to be found some day. Blessings! Lara

Elisha said...

Lara I DID get the hutch! need to replace some knobs and find a place for it.... Which involves moving furniture so I'm not pushing the hubby too much yet..... I just created a disaster with painting walls not too long ago... I know my limits;) or should I say HIS limits;) Thanks for e sweet words of my stitching.... I had no clue what I was Doing... Self taught via google tips! Haha. I'm getting better;)

The Wooden Acorn said...

Your projects are looking good....nice job.

Your sweet little one will get a hang of the potty training soon. Perhaps a bribe or two might help.

Brrr to the Iowa winters. We had tornados two days ago in Nashville. I am wondering what spring will bring!?! :-)