Monday, July 8, 2013

A flea market find!

For the weekend we went to Lake Okoboji for some family time on the DH side and had a lovely time with a Boat ride and some good food and just catching up... And BONUS they always have a huge outdoor flea market that time of year around the 4th. I only got a hour to "scan" millions of awesome antiques and vintage treasures and awesome barntiques but I did stumble upon this huge bowl. Atleast I haven't seen too many big ones in Iowa. She had the nicely cleaned up and polished gourds for 20$ and the bowl was marked 75$. I don't know much about pricing these things but usually I see the big ones for 100 to 150... Sometimes 200$. (granted there IS a small crack in the side). I asked her  if she'd throw the gourds in for free if I paid full price... End of the day and most booths were packing up ....I think that's why she caved! So I THINK I got a decent deal... Anyone know much about it? 
I did oil it and it made a wonderful dark tone come through ... It's got a wide rimmed edge and love the chopping marks in the bottom! I'm thinking throw some bittersweet around those gourds and I'm set for a fall centerpiece! Now if I can just convince the boys to not play with the gourds, yeah right!


Raggedy Creations said...

Love your bowl and gourds Elisha.


A Primitive Homestead said...

Your wood bowl is great. They run high in price in my area. I got one at a farm auction. Got it for a fair price even if hubby thought he should stop bidding way before it was knocked off to us. When we paid auction booth the lady said you got a good deal to my hubby 's surprise. Gourds look wonderful in the bowl. Congrats'!