Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Primitive Christmas

My husband was sitting in our dining room a week or so ago and commented on how nice the decorations looked. I took advantage of his bit of interest and bragged about how 80% of it is handmade or from a thrift store! I dont think that surprised him at all... infact he teases me for my "frugality." I just remind him how lucky he is to have a wife that saves him $$! :) So I posted these pics to share with you as well...

Above: My kitchen window buddy in a bowl.
I sewed him out of cream chenille &
added stick arms and a plaid scarf.
His nose is orange craft clay that I molded
and baked to look like a carrot.

My kitchen shelf displays a great goodwill
find... the green clock. It even opens up and works!
I think I got it for 4 or 5 $ if I remember right.

Can you believe I found this snowman family
at the goodwill? The light even flickers. One of
my favorite thrift treasures... I consider them little
blessings from God! :)

Another primitive tree from GW! I did buy the
beeswax candles at a prim shop.

My 3 footer Christmas tree. I made about
half the ornaments. The tree was another GW find.. but it sheds alot.. but I loved the "scraggly" branches.

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