Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Newer Cupboard in my living room!

So I was gonna post this picture before baby Micah was born, but didnt get to it. I just wanted to share my new cupboard!!!! So yes... Im decorating it all up for CHRISTmas now... but just wanted to share this momma's attempt to disguise some ugly primary colored kids toys whiole maintaining the integrity of my living room :) It works well so far, Isaiah knows how to get in and out of it and the top hutch portion works great for crayons and markers, and things I dont want him getting by himself. Also, I  just converted the right upper side to Micah"s clothing storage since we are keeping him on the main level while this momma is nursing so often! WOW... thats alot of junk to hide away huh? I love it!


annie said...

I love your cupboard, your baby is so cute!

If These Walls Spoke... said...

Congrats on another sweet boy! Love the cupboard, of course :)