Friday, December 2, 2011

Got the crafting bug and some decor to share!

I have the crafting bug big time! I think its the hormone switch from after having a baby bc my energy is coming back! I got this little mouse pattern from a tutorial off of "a simpler time" blog and have been making these little mice for Christmas gifts... some in stockings and some in mittens and some in mini baskets :) I think I will paint this basket however???

My Christmas centerpiece this year for the farm table

The lighting in this pic is horrible... but I am LOVING The SIMPLICITY of just fresh cut greens this year... have them all over the house in crocks... it smells so good!

Another homemade lil mouse in a mitten (recycled sweater) I made

My newborn has a cold (ALREADY!) and I was up with him til midnight last night... but managed to stitch up this little stitchery/ applique pic (recycled frame of course... and leftover scrap fabric... FREE!)

the entry way table decor... of course my little rice lights dont show up! (boo) .
Anyways thats some of my Christmas fun.... it is SO COLD and windy here today. I tried to take Isaiah out to play for a little bit and managed to cut down some more greenery for some outdoor displays... but we didnt last long.... BITTER cold! Been wanting to head out back of the property and cut down some "charlie brown" "weed" type pine trees from the fence line... but I might wait on that! BRRRRRR! Well thats all for now! Hope you are staying warm~ ~ Elisha


My Colonial Home said...

Good morning Elisha...
First off I hope the baby is feeling much better. Sad to see them not feeling well but it sounds like mom us up and running!!!!

Sweet little mice - they do look like work to make...great job on them.


Jill said...

So glad you are finding time to do something you will keep you sane!!