Thursday, January 20, 2011

Antique Mall finds

I probably spent too much on this lil thing... but I just kept coming back to it... I just really love the old tin and crimped design to it... its a 1800's matchstick holder.... but I have it by my kitchen sink

My wonderful husband bought me this colonial light fixture for our guest bath for Christmas. Im SO EXCITED about it... too bad Im not allowed to start ripping the wallpaper out of there to hang it until our bedroom is done! :) Guess this will motivate me to get er done quicker!

Two lil tin top jars I got at the antique mall in Omaha NE.... they were only like 4 bucks each... I though maybe Id used em for qtips or cottonballs when we get out bathroom re done?? I figured Id find SOMEWHERE to use em! :)

My new CROCK! I LOVE the color of this one... its dated 1800's.... i paid about 34 bucks for it. Im no expert on these babies... but I know if they have any blue glaze on em the price goes up like 150 bucks! But im happy with this one... and my utensils are too bc they are no longer invading eachothers personal space as much :)

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Tonya said...

Hi Elisha,

I love all your antique mall finds. There's a mall not far from me but everything is outrageously priced. Still, it's fun to go look.

Have a wonderful weekend!