Thursday, January 20, 2011

Valentines 2011

I never thought being a stay at home mom that I would not have TIME! Things are non stop it seems! I feel like I cant get any time to my self... which drives this crafter CRAZY. Jon has been working crazy long shifts.... so I guess that doesnt help things. This last weekend we got up early and drove 3 hours north so I could guest book attend at a wedding for a friend and got home with just enough time to pack up for Omaha and Lincoln for the weekend. Sunday was a train show.... (oops we never did make it to church... we were too late getting started for Omaha) and then my family Christmas in Lincoln that evening and out to eat. Then Monday am car appt and antique mall and drive back home in evening. And on top of it all... Isaiah is TEETHING... oh what fun it is! :) He gets us up at FIVE am!!!! and 5:30 and 6 and 6:30.....ugh! But I DO now see 2 lil teethers coming through his upper gums....I thought they were NEVER gonna make it! Seems this has been going on for weeks! (slow and painfully late.... that is the usual for us! haha)

WE DID get a new bed however and it is WONDERFUL! Jon doesnt toss and turn anymore...which means MUCH more sleep for me! I even remember my dreams now! I think our old mattress was just that AWFUL... its was worth the $$ big time.

AND what else? I started SHREDDING with Jillian Michaels (sp?)....oooohhh she is one MEAN, LEAN shredding machine! Im only on day 3 of level one and I hate her already! haha... no its a really good DVD... and i LOVE that its only 20 minutes... my back and my shoulders and my butt and my thighs are SO sore... but Im gonna keep at it! I started running again this past month on the treadmill and am GLAD I did! I needed the cardio to work on some endurance for Jillian!

Found this heart for Vday at the GW for 2 dollar! Thought about painting it... but I figured green was a nice change after all... plus it has some "crackling" in the paint that I didnt want to destroy (cant tell from pic.... they just NEVER do justice do they?)
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Jennifer said...

Love all your goodies! yes sometimes its hard to find time for yourself!! Its not easy like most people think!!!